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In communities around the country, people are pretty unhappy with Broadie changes happening in their schools, and residents of Montclair are no exception.  Yet when we  speak out, we are often told, “I don’t hear you offering alternatives.”  It isn’t actually an invitation to share.

Still, it’s a great idea to discuss alternatives.  Montclair’s Broadie school leaders refuse invitations to do so with people who disagree with them.  Fortunately, we residents are capable of having a discussion with or without them.

Below is a list of alternatives to some changes, actions and policies that many residents don’t like.  The list will grow as questions and concerns are raised.

You are invited to share your own ideas for improving our schools — policies, programs, resources… whatever you think might work.  Post a comment, or contact me using the form below.  I will honor requests for confidentiality.


Instead of Hiring a PR Consultant:

Take the money set aside for the PR consultant and use it to alleviate some of the problems with Child Study Team staff shortages.

Support (not oversee) community education forums, where questions, expert presentations and debate from all sides can take place; attend the forums as equal participants.

Air the forums over public access television.



Share a response -- debate is encouraged.

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